I was collecting sea glass in the early hours of the morning this weekend when I heard a still, small voice that simply said “you are enough”. Honestly, for people with confidence and high self-esteem, that’s not a revelation, but I am constantly questioning my own worth, my own value, and my own purpose. The realization that I am enough, even if others chastise me for falling short, was liberating. 

As I stood in front of the roaring ocean, engulfed by fog, I felt the weight of a thousand damning comments lifting from my shoulders. Despite what those closest to me may say, or what a stranger mutters under their breath, I am enough. Truthfully, I have heard this repeated in sermons, spoken by counselors, or whispered by siblings, but until I heard it from this still, small voice I never took it to heart. 

The reminder that I do not answer to my fellow humans, but rather to my creator is a lesson that will bear repeating. However in that moment, when I needed it the most, it gave me freedom from the concerns that cloud my head and weigh me down. 

IndianPoint, ME ; June 24, 2017



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